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Education Consultancy in Chitwan

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal has established itself as a trusted brand in education consultancy since its establishment in 2003. Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal has been a great partner for students, especially when it comes to handling the challenges of applying to prestigious Australian and UK universities. It has its head office in Kathmandu and operates branches in major cities like Butwal, Chitwan, etc. This page will explore the services given by Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan Branch.

Real Dreams Consultancy Chitwan Branch, also known as Real Dreams Consultancy Bharatpur Branch. This branch, located in Sajha Complex, Bharatpur 1, Chitwan – Nepal, is a popular choice for students applying to colleges in the United Kingdom and Australia. The Chitwan Branch is managed by Mr Ram Babu, a UK institution graduate who focuses on UK universities. However, it offers complete university admissions services in other nations as well

Consultancy in Chitwan

UK University Admissions from Chitwan

UK University Admissions Service by Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch assists Nepalese students in enrolling admissions to prestigious UK universities. Our Consultancy is directed by a highly qualified individual Mr. Ram Babu, who is dedicated to delivering outstanding help and guidance to students during the university admissions process. 

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch specializes in guiding Nepali students from Nepal who aspire to pursue their academic goals in the UK. Our enrollment services cover every aspect of the application process, including professional advice on admission criteria, application evaluation, and submission. We meticulously handle visa applications, ensuring strict compliance with immigration laws. Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch understands the significance of helping Nepali students adapt to foreign cultures and fostering a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. With experience working with over 45 UK universities, we offer a global academic landscape enriched by diverse perspectives and abilities.

UK University Admission process from Chitwan

1. Country Selection:
Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch offers individualized counselling to help Nepalese students make informed decisions about the country that align with their academic goals and personal preferences. Our experienced consultants assess factors such as cultural fit, educational opportunities, and potential career paths to ensure a tailored approach.

2. Early Exploration and Planning:
Engaging in early exploration is crucial. Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch provides free counselling sessions to offer valuable insights into universities and programs, helping students make informed choices. These sessions lay the foundation for exploring potential institutions that align with academic and career objectives.

3. Understand Admission Requirements:
The consultant makes the admissions process easy by helping students understand each university’s specific requirements. Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal’s Chitwan branch guides students through academic and language competence standards, ensuring they are well-prepared and satisfy all requirements for successful university entrance.

4. Test Preparation and Document Verification:
Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch takes a proactive approach to language proficiency testing, providing comprehensive guidance to ensure students are fully prepared. We collaborate with students to verify that all documents are in order before submitting visa applications, preventing any delays in the process.

5. SOP Preparation:
Crafting a compelling Statement of Purpose (SOP) is crucial. Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch provides guidelines for students in presenting their aspirations, achievements, and motivations effectively. Our experts provide personalized guidance to ensure the SOP stands out, portraying students as strong candidates for their chosen programs.

6. Application Review and Submission:
Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch offers a thorough review of applications, enhancing their quality before submission. Leveraging our expertise, we help present students’ candidacies in the best possible light, increasing their chances of acceptance.

7. Interview Preparation:
Our consultancy excels in preparing students for interviews. Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch specialists conduct personalized sessions, equipping students to articulate their goals, achievements, and suitability for the chosen program, ensuring they make a lasting impression.

8. Offer Letter:
Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch guarantees a smooth transition by securing an official letter of offer from the university. This milestone signifies acceptance and marks the commencement of the academic journey with confidence.

9. Visa Assistance and Accommodation Planning:
Simplifying the journey, Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch provides stress-free visa application assistance, guiding students through complexities. Additionally, our support extends to advanced accommodation planning, offering tailored options within preferences and budgets, enhancing the overall study abroad experience.

10. Migration Services and Ongoing Support:
Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch migration services go beyond registration, providing ongoing expert guidance throughout the migration process. As students settle into a new country or face concerns, our dedicated team remains just a call away, offering continuous support throughout their academic careers and beyond.

By following these steps, Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal  Chitwan branch ensures international students have a seamless and successful admission process, setting them on a path toward a transformative educational journey in the UK.

Study in the UK without IELTS

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch recognizes that some students may seek to study in the UK without taking the IELTS exam, and we guide them on this alternative pathway in 2024. While the IELTS and PTE serve as common benchmarks for English proficiency, certain universities in the UK now offer admission without requiring IELTS or any other standardized English language test. Important Considerations:

Varied Acceptance:
Students must understand that not all universities accept applications without IELTS scores, and additional criteria might be set by individual institutions.

Alternative Criteria:
Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch informs prospective students that universities offering admission without IELTS may have alternative criteria, such as academic qualifications, previous English language proficiency, or other language tests. It’s essential to inquire directly with each university to understand their specific requirements.

Proactive Inquiry:
To navigate this process, we recommend that students proactively inquire with the respective universities they are interested in to understand their unique requirements and alternative methods of assessing English proficiency.

Time and Cost Savings:
Opting for universities that accept applications without IELTS can potentially save applicants time, money, and effort associated with preparing for and taking the standardized test.

Staying Informed:
Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch emphasizes the importance of staying informed about each university’s unique requirements. This proactive approach enhances the chances of meeting the criteria for admission without unnecessary complications.

Our consultancy ensures that students are aware of this option and assists them in navigating the admission process for universities that accept applications without IELTS. Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch remains committed to providing up-to-date information and personalized support to help students make informed decisions about their educational pursuits in the UK.

International Student Future

Our consultancy acknowledges several key aspects that contribute to a positive outlook for international students:

1. Globally Recognized Courses:
Many renowned UK universities offer globally recognized courses, ensuring a successful career path for students. Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch guides students towards institutions with excellent academic reputations and diverse program offerings.

2. Efficient Education System:
Students find the UK’s education system to be efficient, with undergraduate degrees typically lasting three to four years and master’s degrees lasting one to two years. This structure allows for a focused and streamlined educational experience.

3. Scholarship Opportunities:
The UK offers numerous scholarship opportunities, financial aid, grants, and bursaries, making higher education affordable for students. Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch assists students in exploring and applying for these financial aid options.

4. Part-time Employment Opportunities:
Students can work up to 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during breaks. Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch recognizes the value of part-time employment, enabling students to gain real-world experience, balance their studies, and enhance their overall educational experience.

5. Transformative Experience:
Studying in the UK generally offers a transformative experience for international students. The combination of academic excellence, diverse course options, financial support, and job opportunities contributes to a well-rounded educational journey.

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan branch remains dedicated to providing international students with the necessary support and guidance to make the most of these opportunities. By fostering a client-centric approach, our consultancy aims to create a seamless experience for students, addressing any concerns and optimizing their chances of successful academic pursuits in the UK.

UK University Admission Documents

Documents require for Offer Letter 

  • CV
  • Passport
  • all academic Documents such as mark sheets and transcripts,
  • English test results
  • Work experience letter
  • SOP ( statement of purpose) 
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

UK Universities Admissions Requirement

For Bachelor

  • 60% above on 10+2 
  • IELTS 5.5 each and overall 6 (if waiver, then B above in 12th English, but only a few universities accept without English test with a B or B+). Many universities require ielts.

For Master 

  • 55% above on Bacholer 
  • IELTS 5.5 each and overall 6 (if waiver, then B above in 12th English, but only a few universities accept with a B or B+). Many universities require IELTS

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal’s Chitwan Branch Exclusive and Preferred UK Universities

York St John University 

International students find York St. John University a warm and supportive campus known for its strong sense of community. Situated in York’s historic centre, it provides modern facilities in a charming academic environment. It offers international students a rich cultural experience thanks to its diverse student body and welcoming environment. Located in the centre of York, York St. John University is an independent university. York offers a master’s program at York. London, being a major educational hub, offers a wide variety of courses.


University of Worcester

International students find common ground in the University of Worcester’s dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility. In Worcester, the city campus combines traditional and modern elements. This university gives international students a variety of academic options by offering programs in several fields. The university is also known for providing excellent assistance to disabled students. Established in Worcester, the University of Worcester is an independent academic institution.


University of East London 

UEL is renowned for its multicultural and diverse student body, which offers international students a welcoming and global environment. Focusing on employability and practical skills, UEL gives students invaluable experiences in the real world. UEL’s campuses in Stratford, Docklands, and University Square are conveniently situated in London, providing quick access to the commercial and cultural areas of the city. London is a dynamic and vibrant city where the campuses of University of East London are located.

Other Universities to Study in the UK for Nepalese Student

University College London

The University of Manchester

The University of Edinburgh

Coventry University

The University of Leeds


Queen’s University Belfast

Brunel University London

Cranfield University

University of Sussex

University of East Anglia


The University of Sheffield

King’s College London

The University of Liverpool

University of the Arts, London & so on



Tuition Fee For UK University


  • Undergraduate Programs: Starts from  £9,200 tuition Fee per  year 
  • Master’s Programs: The initial tuition amount is £10,000.
  • Payment Requirements: Applicants must pay the entire tuition cost in advance.

UK Popular Programme for Nepalese Students





Work process of Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal's Chitwan Branch

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Life style of the UK 

The United Kingdom boasts a diverse and multicultural lifestyle, with a population of approximately 65 million across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Respect for various religious beliefs is expected in this society, where English is the official language. The UK is known for its unpredictable weather, characterized by changing conditions throughout the day. This includes warm and sunny summers to cold and sometimes snowy winters. Daylight Saving Time is observed, allowing longer daylight hours during spring and summer.

 The UK is a parliamentary democracy, with elected government officials and a ceremonial royal family. Parliament consists of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, responsible for legislation and taxation. Additionally, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have devolved administrations to manage domestic policies. Living costs can vary depending on location, and the UK’s well-connected transportation system allows for easy travel. The country’s rich cultural scene and diverse landscapes, from historic cities to picturesque countryside, offer a unique and vibrant lifestyle. The UK’s world-class universities attract international students, making it a popular destination for quality education.

Educational Consultancy in Chitwan


Selecting the Right Education Consultancy in Nepal: With numerous consultancy branches in Nepal, it’s essential to choose the most suitable one to ensure a smooth journey towards studying in the UK and fulfilling your educational dreams. some of the points that you need to consider.

  • Reputation and Track Record

  • Experience and Expertise

  • Comprehensive Services

  • Client Feedback

  •  Transparency and Ethics

  • Cost and Fees

  •  Support and Communication

What does Education Consultancy do?

  • Academic Guidance: Help students select the right courses and institutions.
  • University Selection: Help choose suitable universities or colleges.
  • Admission Support: Aid in the application process and document preparation.
  • Visa Assistance: Guidance on visa applications and interviews.
  • Financial Planning: Offer insights into tuition fees, living costs, and financial aid.
  • Test Preparation: Provide resources for standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Pre-Departure Orientation: Prepare students for the upcoming academic and cultural environment.
  • 8. Post-Arrival Support: Offer assistance after students arrive at their destination.

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan Branch for Study in the UK

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal, established in 2003 and officially registered as Real Dreams Educational Consultancy Pvt Ltd in Kathmandu, Nepal, has expanded its operations to several countries, including Australia, India, and the United Kingdom. Our operations in Nepal are enhanced by its unique and rich cultural heritage, which allows us to offer valuable education and migration services. With a proud track record of successfully placing over 10,000 international students in some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities, our team of Academic Consultants is renowned for their extensive knowledge and experience. Many of our consultants have undergone industry-recognized and accredited training, ensuring high-quality service. There is a harmonious blend of ethnic and religious diversity in the nation, reflected in the welcoming and hospitable people.

The British Council officially recognises us as an agent and holds the esteemed status of an Educational Consultancy accredited by the Ministry of Education in Nepal. Furthermore, we are a registered migration agent authorised and regulated by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) in Australia, solidifying our commitment to providing comprehensive educational and migration services.

Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu, is a thriving, busy city that offers a diverse range of opportunities, customs, and cultures. Nestled in the Kathmandu Valley, it is a historical and cultural treasure because of its magnificent architecture, old temples, and rich history. Real Dreams Consultancy’s main branch in Kathmandu reflects the dynamism and diversity of this city, serving as a central point for students to access our extensive knowledge and expertise.

To further improve our accessibility and services throughout Nepal, our consultancy has branches in Butwal and Chitwan in addition to Kathmandu. Chitwan, situated in the Terai area, and Butwal, a city in western Nepal, each provide distinctive features to our network.

Butwal, a city renowned for its beautiful landscape and vibrant business community, offers students in the western region the convenience of accessing our consultancy services, ensuring that no matter where they are in Nepal, they can benefit from our guidance and expertise. Chitwan, situated in the heart of the Terai, is well known for its lush national parks and wildlife conservation efforts. It provides students in Nepal’s southern region with a local branch for personalized assistance and support.

These branch offices act as regional access points to Real Dreams Consultancy’s wealth of expertise and experience. They guarantee that students from various parts of Nepal can access the tools and support needed to achieve their aspirations for both education and migration. This enables them to fully experience the unique geographical and cultural features of their respective regions in addition to receiving support.

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan Branch for Study in the Australia

For Nepalese students aspiring to pursue higher education in Australia, Real Dreams Consultancy in Chitwan has emerged as a crucial facilitator in guiding foreign student enrollment from Nepal. The consultancy has played a pivotal role in assisting numerous Nepalese students through every facet of the admissions process, offering tailored support and personalized guidance. Recognizing that Nepalese students are attracted to Australian universities for their high-quality education, diverse program offerings, and global recognition, Real Dreams Consultancy in Chitwan positions itself as a dependable resource for these students. Addressing the unique requirements and challenges faced by Nepalese students, the consultancy provides comprehensive assistance, ranging from aiding in institution selection to offering visa support and cultural adjustment.

The consultancy’s exclusive collaboration with a prominent Australian university exemplifies its commitment to tailoring solutions to meet the academic objectives of Nepalese students. Real Dreams Consultancy in Chitwan aims to contribute to the global academic landscape by partnering with over 40 prestigious Australian universities. By fostering a welcoming and diverse atmosphere, the consultancy enables Nepalese students to thrive and achieve their academic goals in Australia.

Why Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Chitwan Branch for Study in the UK

  • Experience as its working since 2003
  • British Council Recognise Agent
  • It has some exclusive partners of UK Universities  for Nepal
  • Over 20 years experience in the field.
  • Successfully placed over 10,000 international students in prestigious colleges and universities worldwide.
  • Accreditation by the Ministry of Education in Nepal.
  • Free IELTS Mock Test
  • Well Experience member of staff
  • All of its Branch Managers are UK graduates.
  • It has branches in major cities of Nepal, i.e. Kathmandu, Chitwam, Butwal
  • Commitment to the highest standards of service.
  • Comprehensive support for students navigating international migration.
  • Strong track record of success.

Chitwan Office

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal operates from other branches in Nepal, such as Chitwan. For your convenience, you can easily locate these branches and their respective locations. Mr Ram Babu is Chitwan Branch Manager.

Ram Babu Adhikari


The UK has a long history of drawing talented young students from around the world, including Nepal, to its top-notch academic programmes. International students who study in the UK combine academic and social learning. As a result, students have many opportunities to socialise, improve academic skills, and develop their networks, all of which help them eventually become part of society and obtain professions in the UK that are connected to their academic pursuits. Lastly, you can directly contact Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal via Social Media. Also, we advise you to visit the Real Dreams Consultancy service section for more details on our services for further studies. Also,

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