Education Consultancy in Kathmandu

Best Education Consultancy in Kathamndu

Educational Consultancy in Kathmandu

If you are seeking the best education consultancy in Kathmandu, then Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal can be the best fit. Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal is one of the top education consultancies in Kathmandu which has been working since 2003. It has 11 branches in the UK, Australia, India and Nepal. With its experience in the field since 2003, the consultancy has been providing consistent service for students who need help to enrol on universities and colleges. The consultancy works with 45+ universities in the UK, so students won’t have trouble applying to the university of their choice. Furthermore, the students will get assistance from professionals to choose the right course and university that fits their requirements. So if you are looking to study in the UK or Study in Australia then contact the Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal team today!

Education Consultancy in Kathmandu

Study in Australia from Nepal – Study in the UK from Nepal

We are here to help you every step of the way if you want to study in Australia. Lack of professional counselling frequently makes looking for prestigious yet economical institutions stressful. We know these needs among the students and offer the top diploma programmes accessible in Australia to international students. The delivery of vocational education through TAFES and private institutions, founded on a collaboration between the government and industries, is viral in Australia. Since we have worked in this area for more than ten years, we can help prospective students enrol in Australia’s top Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes. Many grants, scholarships, and bursaries are available from these universities to help you financially while studying in Australia.


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