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York St John University from Nepal

York St John University is a high-quality, friendly university with York and London campuses. Master’s courses are available on the London campus. However, you can study all level courses, such as Bachelor, Master, etc, on the York Campus. It currently has more than 7K students. 

  • London Campus – Master Courses only 
  • York Campus – Bachelor, Master etc

York St John University Location


An ancient Roman city, London is the capital of both England and the United Kingdom. In addition to the imposing Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the iconic clock tower and Westminster Abbey, home to monarchs, are located at its centre. A panoramic view of the South Bank cultural complex and the city is available from the London Eye observation wheel, which is situated across the Thames River.


Address of York St John University London Campus 
6th Floor, Export Building, 1 Clove Cres, London E14 2BA


York Campus

York is home to York Minster, one of the most stunning cathedrals in the world. Studying here means living in an academically oriented, fun and forward-thinking environment. You can enjoy England at its best while achieving success in both academics and personal growth here. York has good public transportation connections to many major UK cities. All of these cities are within 2.5 hours of York. Buses and trains operate frequently and offer easy access to the famous Yorkshire countryside and coast.


Address of York St John University York Campus
Lord Mayor’s Walk, York YO31 7EX

York St. Jhon University

York St John University Exclusive Partner for Nepal

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal is one of Nepal’s oldest consultancies. We specialise in UK university admissions to Nepalese students since 2003. And Real Dreams is an exclusive partner of York St John University for Nepal. Currently, we are enrolling Nepalese students into both the London and York Campuses. We have offices in major cities of Nepal such as Kathmandu, Chitwan, Butwal, etc. 

York St John University Entry Requirements for Nepalese

Look at courses available for the London Campus and York Campuses. Seats are limited, so submit your documents ASAP.




York St John University University Admission Step for Nepalese

  • Counselling 
  • Documentation
  • Documents Submission
  • Offer Letter Request
  • Unconditional Offer Letter
  • Paying Tuition Fee 
  • University Interview, if necessary
  • Medical 
  • NOC 
  • CAS Request
  • Student Accommodation Booking 
  • VISA form submission
  • Pre Departure Consultation, etc
  • Visa collection and Flight arrangement
  • Enrollment to University once you arrive in the UK

graduation students

YSJU- Flowchart

York St John University Offer Letter Checklist for Nepalese

  • Colour copy of Passport (Front & Back)
  • All academic Documents, such as mark sheets and transcripts,
  • English test results, if required
  • Work experience letter
  • CV & SOP (statement of purpose)
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR) – 1 Academics Letter of Recommendation Mandatory and the dated within one year of course start date.
  • Application Form
 Please note: If a Provisional certificate is being used as the final degree, it must be accompanied by an official letter from the University stating that the final certificate or transcript is currently unavailable and that the applicant has completed their course of study. These letters must be signed or stamped by an administrator from the department that gives out awards and have clear contact information with an institutional email address.

York St John University Popular Courses for Nepalese Students 

  • International Business BA ( Hons)
  • Accounting and Finance BA ( Hons) 
  • Digital Marketing and Data Analytics  BSc (Hons)
  • International Tourism and Hospitality Management BA (Hons)
  • Law LLB (Hons)
  • Computer Science BSc (Hons)
  • Software Engineering BSc (Hons)
  • Games Development BSc (Hons)

York John University  Tuition Fee For Nepalese

  • Undergraduate Programs: Starts from  £9,200 per  year 
  • Master’s Programs: £11,300.

Intakes of York St John University for both the London Campus & York Campus

There are two popular intakes for Nepalese students to apply at York St John University. They are:

    • January 
    • September

CV & SOP for York St John University for Nepalese Students

CV Requirement 

(All start and end dates for their CV/Resume must be provided in the month-year format (MM/YYYY))

  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Academic Background – Course start and end date (in English date format)
  • Professional experience (start and end date in English date format, roles and responsibilities)
  • Explain the academic gap, if any


SOP Requirements

Statement of Purpose (500-1000 words)

  1. Introduction
  2. Academic History (Recently Only)
  3. Why do you choose this course (mention the course module; if anyone is changing the field of study, explain the reason for the change in faculty)
  4. Why the United Kingdom?
  5. Why York St John University?
  6. Career plan (mention the benefits of Placement and PSW)

Why do Nepalese want to Study in the UK?

  • Diverse Environment: The UK’s multicultural setting enriches student experiences.
  • Freedom of Expression: The UK values open dialogue and freedom of speech.
  • Global Recognition: UK degrees are respected worldwide.
  • Quality Education: UK institutions offer high academic standards.
  • Nepali Community: A supportive Nepali community eases the transition.
  • Safe Environment: The UK is considered a safe student destination.
  • Cultural Exchange: Opportunity to learn and share cultures.
  • Global Opportunities: Strong economy and connections for internships and networking.

Benefits of studying in the UK for Nepalese

  • Convenience for students applying from Nepal as there is a branch in the UK itself 
  • Universities with World Class Education
  • Innovative Learning Environment
  • Degrees & Qualifications Recognised Internationally
  • Low tuition fees
  • Many Courses & Institutions
  • Cultural diversity
  • Shorter & Flexible Programs
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate international students can do two years of post-study work.
  • About 200+ relationships Between Nepal and the UK and the Gorkha Army Legacy
  • Nepali communities in the UK provide a strong support network, reducing homesickness.

Why Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal for Study in the UK

  • Experience as its working since 2003
  • British Council Recognise Agent
  • It has some exclusive partners of UK Universities  for Nepal
  • Over 20 years experience in the field.
  • Successfully placed over 10,000 international students in prestigious colleges and universities worldwide.
  • Accreditation by the Ministry of Education in Nepal.
  • Free IELTS Mock Test
  • Well Experience member of staff
  • All of its Branch Managers are UK graduates.
  • It has branches in major cities of Nepal, i.e. Kathmandu, Chitwam, Butwal
  • Commitment to the highest standards of service.
  • Comprehensive support for students navigating international migration.
  • Strong track record of success.

Work process of Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal

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We hope that you have read all the necessary information. So, are you interested to study in York St John University? Then please send all your documents as we have mentioned above via email or quick form as provided. Once we receive the form then, our member of the team will call for the next step. Or they will provide you with missing documents. Similarly, if you are still confused or need consultation, then please get in touch with your nearest Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal offices.  

Real Dreams Kathmandu Branch Manager

Branch Manager - Real Dreams Kathmandu

Dibya Maharjan is a Branch Manager of Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal. She is also a UK graduate. She has decades of experience in the UK university admission sector. Feel free to contact her. Similarly, please watch our activities on YouTube and social media.

Butwal Office

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal operates from other branches in Nepal, such as Butwal too. For your convenience, you can easily locate these branches and their respective locations. Mr Arjun is Branch Manager.

Real Dreams Consultancy - Nepal

Chitwan Office

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal operates from other branches in Nepal, such as Chitwan. For your convenience, you can easily locate these branches and their respective locations. Mr Ram Babu is Chitwan Branch Manager.

Ram Babu Adhikari


The UK has a long history of drawing talented young students from around the world, including Nepal, to its top-notch academic programmes. International students who study in the UK combine academic and social learning. As a result, students have many opportunities to socialise, improve academic skills, and develop their networks, all of which help them eventually become part of society and obtain professions in the UK that are connected to their academic pursuits. Lastly, you can directly contact Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal via Social Media. Also, we advise you to visit the Real Dreams Consultancy service section for more details on our services for further studies. Also,

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