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Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal is an educational consultancy that focus on helping students in getting admission to abroad universities like UK universities, Australian universities, and many more. Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal also provides services like IELTS classes, mock tests, consultation services for students to apply abroad, and also help student with the documentation process.

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal, with its head office in Kathmandu, operates in major cities like Butwal, Chitwan, etc. This page is all about the services offered by Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Kathmandu branch.

If students or parents want to contact or visit Real Dreams Consultancy in Kathmandu, Nepal, the head office can easily be found at Putalisadak -29, Putalisadak Chowk, on the first level of the Shrestha Photocopy building. For inquiries, they can reach out via phone at (+977) (1) 4525705 or (+977) 9818133442, or through email at The consultancy is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Sunday to Friday, giving a suitable time for any support or consultations.

Consultancy in Kathmandu

UK University Admissions from Kathmandu

Our University and admissions program, designed under the professional direction of Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal, is carefully designed to help students from the difficult process of getting admission to renowned Universities of UK, Australia and many more. Since its establishment in 2003, our consulting has been an honest partner in helping students to make an important choice about their academic future. The following is the International student enrollment program designed for university admissions:

UK University Enrollment Service for Nepalese Students:

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal, a global education expert, assists students from all over Nepal who aim to achieve academic goals in the UK. Our complete services include professional eligibility advice, detailed application evaluations, support in locating accommodations, employment scheduling assistance, and information on preparation and internship options. We help you understand the complex visa application procedure and ensure that you follow all immigration requirements. Beyond what is visible, our consulting places a high importance on improving the lives of foreign students and the global community via the creation of a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

UK University Admissions Process from Kathmandu

The Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal helps new student with the UK University Admission Process by providing detailed assistance. Our step-by-step approach ensures a smooth journey:

Basic consultation:
Begin with a specific consultation at our Kathmandu office. Our skilled consultants evaluate your academic background, job objectives, and preferences.

Course Selection:
Real Dream Consultancy helps students in selecting the best course that meets their academic and career goals.

Country Selection:
Real Dream Consultancy Nepal assists students in selecting their ideal study destination with expert guidance and support.

University Selection:
We help you choose the best UK institutions based on your profile, considering program options, location, and budget.

Documentation Collection:
Receive assistance with preparing and submitting applications. Our staff assists in collecting required documentation, writing attractive personal statements, and managing the application process.

Application submission to university:
After document completion, Real Dream Consultancy Nepal supports in carefully filling out university application forms, ensuring that all necessary information is presented.

Offer letter and Unconditional letter:
After successful application submission, Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal assists students in securing offer letters from universities and makes sure that the students receive their unconditional offer letters for enrollment confirmation.

IELTS/PTE Preparation:
Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal also offers IELTS/PTE preparation to help students obtain the needed English language proficiency scores. To apply for admission to UK universities, students must clear the English language proficiency exam.

Mock Test:
Furthermore, Real Dream Consultancy Nepal provides mock tests to help students prepare for university entrance exams and interviews. Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal conducts mock tests every Sunday for students preparing for the IELTS/PTE exams.

Visa Information:
We suggest ideas to assist you with the application procedure. We advise on the appropriate papers and ensure that they fit on your visa criteria.

Accommodation Information:
Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal will suggest a good location to stay that matches your preferences and budget.

Before leaving Information:
Attend a full pre-leaving seminar before traveling to the UK. Get an understanding of cultural adaptations, living situations, and academic expectations.

Ongoing Support:
We provide ongoing assistance for your academic path. We’re available for you whether you need support with internships, tackling difficulties, or finding a part-time job.

Affiliated Universities:
Real Dreams Consultancy in Kathmandu is linked with over 40+ renowned UK universities, providing a wide choice of programs and possibilities.

Visit our office at Putalisadak -29, Putalisadak Chowk,1st floor of Shrestha Photocopy building, Kathmandu, if you have any questions or want to start the UK University admissions process. Contact us at (+977) (1) 4525705 or (+977) 9818133442, or send an email to Our office hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Sunday through Friday. Allow Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal to lead you on a successful academic path in the UK

Australian University Admission Process from Kathmandu

Under the guidance of Real Dream Consultancy Nepal, the admissions process from Kathmandu to Australian colleges usually consists of the following important steps:

Initial Consultation:
Begin by scheduling an initial consultation with Real Dream Consultancy Nepal. During this meeting, experienced consultants will assess your academic background, career goals, and preferences to guide you in selecting suitable universities and courses.

University and Course Selection:
Based on your preferences and academic profile, the consultancy will assist you in shortlisting Australian universities and courses that align with your aspirations. They will provide insights into admission requirements, entry criteria, and program details.

Document Preparation:
Real Dream Consultancy Nepal will guide you in preparing the necessary documents for the application. This may include academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and proof of English language proficiency (typically IELTS or TOEFL).

Application Submission:
Once your documents are ready, the consultancy will help you complete the online application forms for the chosen universities. They will ensure that all required information is accurately provided.

IELTS Preparation:
If required, Real Dream Consultancy Nepal may offer IELTS preparation classes to help you achieve the necessary English language proficiency score. This is important for admission to Australian universities.

Mock Tests:
The consultancy might conduct mock tests to simulate exam conditions, helping you practice and improve your performance, especially if the university you’re applying to requires standardized tests like the GRE or GMAT.

Visa Assistance:
Once you receive an offer of admission, the consultancy will guide you through the Australian student visa application process. This includes providing information on financial requirements, health insurance, and other necessary documentation.

Pre-Departure Orientation:
Real Dream Consultancy Nepal may organize pre-leaving orientations to help you prepare for life in Australia. This may cover topics such as cultural adjustments, accommodation, and essential information about the chosen university.

Study in the UK without IELTS 

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Kathmandu, has an eye for developing the educational scene for studying in the UK. An interesting development is the ability for students to continue their education without the need for IELTS or other standardized English language assessments. Welcoming this transformation, Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Kathmandu has regularly offered major assistance and advice since its establishment in 2003. Our dedication extends beyond standard methods, ensuring that students receive the most up-to-date information on changing UK study requirements. By remaining current, we enable students to make educated decisions and pursue new possibilities to study in the UK without the traditional restrictions of language testing.

 International Student Future

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal in Kathmandu sees a bright future for international students in the UK. We create a supportive environment for students to succeed culturally and professionally. The United Kingdom has top-tier universities that provide outstanding education and provide worldwide networking possibilities. Students benefit from a variety of career opportunities after completing their studies, which are enhanced by exposure to the UK’s multicultural landscape. They participate in creative research and improve their language skills while receiving thorough assistance.

In conclusion, the United Kingdom provides a promising future for international students, combining academic achievement, cultural experience, and numerous growth chances. Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal’s dedication allows Kathmandu students to begin on a rewarding road to success in the United Kingdom.

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Kathmandu Exclusive and Preferred UK Universities

York St John University 

International students find York St. John University a warm and supportive campus known for its strong sense of community. Situated in York’s historic centre, it provides modern facilities in a charming academic environment. It offers international students a rich cultural experience thanks to its diverse student body and welcoming environment. Located in the centre of York, York St. John University is an independent university. York offers a master’s program at York. London, being a major educational hub, offers a wide variety of courses.


University of Worcester

International students find common ground in the University of Worcester’s dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility. In Worcester, the city campus combines traditional and modern elements. This university gives international students a variety of academic options by offering programs in several fields. The university is also known for providing excellent assistance to disabled students. Established in Worcester, the University of Worcester is an independent academic institution.


University of East London 

UEL is renowned for its multicultural and diverse student body, which offers international students a welcoming and global environment. Focusing on employability and practical skills, UEL gives students invaluable experiences in the real world. UEL’s campuses in Stratford, Docklands, and University Square are conveniently situated in London, providing quick access to the commercial and cultural areas of the city. London is a dynamic and vibrant city where the campuses of University of East London are located.

Other Universities to Study in the UK for Nepalese Student

University of East London

University of West London

Coventry University

York St. John University

University of Worcester


Birmingham City University

Ulster University

Middlesex University

St Mary University

University of Greenwich

New Bucks University

Anglia Ruskin University

University of West Scotland

University of Birmingham

University of Hertfordshire


UK Popular Programme for Nepalese Students





Work process of Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Kathmandu

Contact & Talk with Our Experts

Begin your journey by contacting our experts and discussing your educational aspiration

Top-notch Test Preparation Classes

Prepare for language proficiency exams to meet UK's admission requirements.

Choose Top UK Institutions

With our guidance, select the UK universities and colleges that align with your goals.  

Prepare & Lodge Documents

We will assist you with preparing and submitting all necessary documents for your UK study.

UK Popular Courses for Nepalese Student 

  • Healthcare & Nursing
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Business, Commerce, and Management
  • Education & Training
  • Engineering
  • Art & Design
  • Sports
  • IT & Computer Science
  • Law
  • Sciences
  • Marketing
  • Music, Film Production & Photography

UK Universities Admissions Requirement

For Bachelor

  • 60% above on 10+2 
  • IELTS 5.5 each and overall 6 (if waiver, then B above in 12th English, but only a few universities accept without English test with a B or B+). Many universities require ielts.

For Master 

  • 55% above on Bacholer 
  • IELTS 5.5 each and overall 6 (if waiver, then B above in 12th English, but only a few universities accept with a B or B+). Many universities require IELTS


  • Research proposal.

  • Offer letters of recommendation.

  • Work experience might be necessary (for DBAs).

  • Prior research experience is advantageous.

  • Examine your funding options.

  • Minimum IELTS score of 6.5

Lifestyle for International student in the UK

International students in the UK enjoy a diverse range of academic, cultural, and social experiences. Enrolled in internationally renowned universities, these students benefit from an exciting educational atmosphere that promotes critical thinking and innovation. Beyond the classroom, the multicultural environment provides for rich cultural exploration. Students frequently participate in a variety of activities, including visiting cultural events, joining student groups, and learning about the UK’s history and present. Metropolitan cities, such as London, have a wealth of entertainment alternatives, including theatres, museums, lively markets, and music festivals. The well-connected public transit system allows for easy exploration of beautiful scenery and historical sites.

While managing academic responsibilities, foreign students make time to develop global connections and form friendships with classmates from all backgrounds. The UK’s focus on work-life balance enables students to enjoy both their studies and all of the cultural possibilities available, resulting in a well-rounded and enjoyable lifestyle throughout their stay in the country.

Lifestyle for International student in the Australia

International students in Australia live an interesting lifestyle that combines academics with exploration of the country’s rich culture and natural wonders. Their days frequently begin with lectures and study sessions, followed by socializing with classmates from across the world. Weekends are full of experiences, from seeing historic locations like the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef to participating in outdoor sports like surfing or climbing. They engage themselves in Australian cuisine, enjoying barbecues, seafood, and ethnic dining experiences. Balancing schooling with part-time work is typical because it promotes independence and responsibility. Despite problems such as homesickness and cultural changes, overseas students receive support from university services and communities, building long-lasting relationships and amazing memories during their educational journey in Australia.

Education Consultancy in Kathmandu


Selecting the Right Education Consultancy in Butwal: With numerous consultancy branches in Butwal, it’s essential to choose the most suitable one to ensure a smooth journey towards studying in the UK and fulfilling your educational dreams. some of the points that you need to consider.

  • Reputation and Track Record

  • Experience and Expertise

  • Comprehensive Services

  • Client Feedback

  •  Transparency and Ethics

  • Cost and Fees

  •  Support and Communication

What does Education Consultancy do?

  • Academic Guidance: Help students select the right courses and institutions.
  • University Selection: Help choose suitable universities or colleges.
  • Admission Support: Aid in the application process and document preparation.
  • Visa Assistance: Guidance on visa applications and interviews.
  • Financial Planning: Offer insights into tuition fees, living costs, and financial aid.
  • Test Preparation: Provide resources for standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Pre-Departure Orientation: Prepare students for the upcoming academic and cultural environment.
  • 8. Post-Arrival Support: Offer assistance after students arrive at their destination.

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Kathmandu Branch for Study in the UK

Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal’s Kathmandu office is a renowned source for students looking to continue their studies in the United Kingdom. With constant attention, our experienced consultants allow smooth transitions by providing consultation to each student to achieve their desired specific goals and objectives. From carefully selecting colleges to systematically preparing applications, organizing accommodation, and assisting in offering visas, our Kathmandu branch controls every step of the academic excellence journey. Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal’s Kathmandu Branch is strong in its dedication to supporting students’ academic careers and promoting success in the United Kingdom, accepting an excellent culture and providing support at every stage.

Why Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Kathmandu Branch

  • Experience as its working since 2003
  • British Council Recognise Agent
  • It has some exclusive partners of UK Universities  for Nepal
  • Over 20 years experience in the field.
  • Successfully placed over 10,000 international students in prestigious colleges and universities worldwide.
  • Accreditation by the Ministry of Education in Nepal.
  • Free IELTS Mock Test
  • Well Experience member of staff
  • All of its Branch Managers are UK graduates.
  • It has branches in major cities of Nepal, i.e. Kathmandu, Chitwam, Butwal
  • Commitment to the highest standards of service.
  • Comprehensive support for students navigating international migration.
  • Strong track record of success.


Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal with its head office in Kathmandu operates in major cities like Butwal, Chitwan etc. For your convenience, you can easily locate these branches and their respective locations. Mrs Dibya Maharjan Pradhan is the Kathmandu Branch Manager.

Branch Manager - Real Dreams Kathmandu


The UK has a long history of drawing talented young students from around the world, including Nepal, to its top-notch academic programmes. International students who study in the UK combine academic and social learning. As a result, students have many opportunities to socialise, improve academic skills, and develop their networks, all of which help them eventually become part of society and obtain professions in the UK that are connected to their academic pursuits. Lastly, you can directly contact Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal via Social Media. Also, we advise you to visit the Real Dreams Consultancy service section for more details on our services for further studies. Also,

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