Rejection Reasons for Australian Visas

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Rejection Reasons for Australian Visas

It has been determined that fake and counterfeit documents are to blame for Australian visa denials. Per the Australian Government, there is a high visa rejection rate when submitting a phoney educational degree when applying for an Australian visa. The department also claimed that false and unreliable bank-provided income verification and property valuations were to blame for an increase in visa rejections. Likewise, the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs claims that students cannot afford it due to the high cost of living abroad.

According to a report by the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs, numerous students also apply for visas with insufficient annual income, which has increased the number of visa rejections. In addition, applicants for vocational education and training (VET) certificates are more likely to experience this issue than those in Australia for undergraduate and postgraduate (Bachelors and Master’s) degrees.

Rejection reasons for Australian visas


Other causes of visa denial

• Incorrectly filling out educational paperwork.
• Name, spelling, and date of birth discrepancies in other documents, passports, citizenship documents, academic certificates, etc.
• There are minor errors in data such as date, address, phone number, etc.
• Lacking clarity around the purpose of seeking to study in Australia,

Ninety-six percent of the students who applied had received visas three months ago. However, more than 90% of visa requests have been turned down due to the Australian government’s tightening. Over the past three months, 90% of visa applications have been turned down, according to Pandey, president of Nepal Educational Consultancy Association (ICAN). Similarly, 99 percent of requests for VET visas have been rejected in the last ten days. He asserted that the pupil was not at blame, nevertheless.


Why visa rejection, and what is the solution?

Following the conversation, they reached decisions regarding several issues, including why the visa was denied and what should be done to prevent visa denial.

  • The visa will be denied if the bank statement and the application do not match.
  • You should show a bank statement for at least six months. But it is taking place. The money in the account is withdrawn after the visa arrives.
  • The visa will be revoked if money is taken out of the account as soon as it arrives.
  • The department retained inaccurate or incomplete documents. The visa is denied as a result.
  • The submission of fictitious or deceptive financial, academic, or English documentation will result in a visa denial.
  • The lack of extra confirmation documentation is causing issues with loan and land sale documents. Pay close attention to gathering the required paperwork for this.
  • Poor English language and academic writing. Earlier, the interview was good; now, it’s terrible. Students have been observed to consult the SOP when conducting interviews.


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